Boosting brand awareness for a growing property management team

As businesses grow into unforeseen directions, it's important to have a website that can adapt and grow with it. This is where LMS found themselves they began expanding outside of the student housing market.


Web Design






Flexibility was king in crafting the new LMS website. It had to be inclusive of all existing properties but also be positioned for growth in several directions (i.e. student housing and luxury apartments).

A mobile-first market

The majority of LMS' audience is made up of young adults, which means the new leasing experience must be first and foremost, mobile-friendly. While the desktop design is stunning in and of itself, the same design ethos was taken onto mobile. Winmore used full width images and galleries to "show" the properties long before any future resident ever truly saw them in person.

The mobile version highlights LMS' key 4 properties while allowing users to easily find and search through the rest, including all available units. The site also feeds straight into Appfolio for an easy search to apply process.

Web Design

A simple, bold design let's the property images speak for themselves while emphasizing engagement with buttons and icons in LMS' neon green color.

All about "apply now"

The overall design was intended to replicate a smooth leasing experience. Winmore designed the website to be scrolled through at the user's own pace, with clear options, surprising features, and bold value propositions. Because the user journey was prioritized the new website was able to feel more like an online shopping experience than a frustrating search for the apartment you finally found, and never wanted.

The "Apply Now" button is emboldened in the top right hand corner at all times, suggesting but not begging the user to click it and take the next step. LMS' modern color palette was a great help in making the website, from the home page to contact us far less monotonous than the usual property management website.

Dynamic Pages

Winmore and LMS identified the most important content, features, and metrics to best highlight their properties and created dynamic pages to quickly create, edit, and delete corresponding pages as they grow.


The new showcases LMS' incredible properties and provides clear next steps to search available units and apply. Even better the website was designed and develop specifically for flexibility as their portfolio grows.


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