Giving a name to the end of physician burnout

Dr. Costa approached us with a vision for ending physician burnout through coaching and events. We helped shape the story of WHOL and then created a business cards, a brand book and website for her.


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Because Dr. Costa approached us with a vision and a need we started with just that; the vision. After discovery and ideation sessions Winmore created three separate directions, presenting variations of naming and visual kits for the brand.

For the WHOL

The direction to create a brand tied to the vision, not just the founder Dr. Costa led to a larger, wholistic identity positioned for long-term growth. And there it was. Her vision to help physicians live whole lives, seeing life past their patients' needs, and the eventual doom of burnout was right in front of us and the name then took a bold, creative spin to become WHOL.

Once the name was created we focused on building WHOL around primary touchpoints. In this case those emphasis looked like typical conference or coaching sessions. Business cards, signage, and a branding guideline then became essential for creating a success brand.


Brand storytelling starts with a core vision and extends into every possible application point to ensure that story is told right. Scroll down to see how we helped tell WHOL's story.

Wellness and energy

In the wellness industry everything from clean white websites, to eye popping illustrations sooth and engage audiences. But, oftentimes these illustrations are more playful such as those of Headspace or other leading wellness organizations. Could there be a balance between the professional, clean medical spaces physicians inhabit and a colorful, playful representing the “more” Dr. Costa desires physicians to see in themselves?

Winmore introduced a collection of simplistic, modern illustrations of physicians and administrators that show a balance of life when the white coats are on and when they aren’t. By utilizing the WHOL color palette, the illustrations became a core part of  branding elements like business cards, the website and the overall visual language.

Web Design

WHOL's vision centers around people so it makes sense that the website's goal was to introduce physicians and organizations with their services, story, and the people behind the movement to end physician burnout.


A brand built around the core vision is made to grow as the organization does. In the short term WHOL's brand has established a confidence and direction for Dr. Costa and her team. Long-term they are positioned to grow alongside the many physicians and organizations they work with.


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