Streaming live sports to support schools during COVID-19

The West Ohio Sports Network serves over 70 schools and communities of Northwest Ohio by broadcasting sporting events and promoting the positive impact of the student athletes.

As a broadcast television station, they came to us wanting to evolve with the latest video trends and asked us to help make their sporting events available live and on demand through the creation of a streaming platform delivered over multiple different apps.


UX/UI Design






As a non-profit, WOSN is heavily invested in partnering with their local schools, and this project was no different. One of the primary challenges of building this streaming platform was recognizing that there would be multiple end user profiles.

First, the schools would be responsible for recording the sporting events, and would need a streamlined way of uploading their live stream to the platform.

Secondly, the WOSN team would need a simple but powerful CMS tool to manage the various live event and video entries that would be available on the app.

Finally, the end customers would need to be able to easily access and consume the content on whatever device they preferred.

Through an elegant & simple design, we created a straightforward way for WOSN to manage the content and for end users to consume it. Through an integration between the streaming software and selected streaming hardware, we were also able to provide the schools with an efficient process for streaming the games to the platform.

About WOSN

The West Ohio Sports Network serves over 70 schools and communities throughout Northwest Ohio by broadcasting local sporting events and promoting the positive impact of the student athletes and schools.

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UX/UI Design

When it comes to streaming services it's okay to refer to users as consumers. That is the goal. Find the content and consume it. So we built a streaming experience streamlined from sign-up to streaming, yet still personal enough to allow users a chance to make it their own.

The design began with plotting an ideal course through popular sports streaming platforms such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and more. We then continued our research with a deep dive into popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ to best understand our users' learned experience while navigating and consuming content.

The insights brought us to a familiar design strategy, one of Winmore's values, Simplicity. And that was the design philosophy for WOSN Live. Keep it simple, yet sophisticated. We amplified WOSN's branding with custom graphics and a bold, yet simple onboarding page to get things rolling.

We interrupted the typical registration process by allowing users to choose their school, which in turn customizes their experience with their school's colors. And even better, their selected school's programming is featured at the top of the WOSN Live library, establishing a confidence in their ability to easily find the stream they're looking for.


Part of the lure of creating this platform was the ability to generate revenue on behalf of the schools. Originally a subscription model was in the works, but with the onset of COVID-19, and the subsequent restriction of fans from the sporting events, it became clear that a more flexible pricing structure would be required.

Schools would need to be able to quickly alter prices based on the day, time and specific sporting event. End users would need a fast yet secure method to purchase access to a specific sporting event.

We integrated Stripe and allowed the schools to set different price points for every event through an integration between Stripe and our CMS solution.


After one month, and a soft opening with limited schools receiving access WOSN, schools, and viewers could not be happier with the results. Check back for updates!


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